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Kitchen Remodeling – Get inspired and PLAN to Ensure the Best Result

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”

Planning is part of the fun when your talking about planning your dream home. Part of planning is knowing what is possible and then balancing that with what you need and what you can afford.

First let’s get inspired….

We will start with kitchens. Kitchens are the number one most remodeled space in the home. The kitchen has transformed from a hidden area to the center of family living and with it a host of options to choose from.   We are going to show you a few items we think you may not have considered, are new or unique…


Work Triangle

The work triangle is a concept around the ida of limiting uncessary movement and maximizing ease of use in the kitchen. Imagine a triangle that connects the three main places where you do three different tasks: cleanup, cooking, and food storage.


Islands & Peninsulas

Islands and peninsulas are a part of almost every kitchen. They provide storage, entertainment space, cooking and prep area and a place to do homework while someone is cooking. The key to a successful kitchen is figuring out what works with the way you live, what kind of storage, what appliances and then design a flow and work triangle that looks beautiful. Planning again is the key! 3D architectural renderings can help you see your space and view alternative layouts before remodeling. 

Check out more pictures of islands and peninsulas on our Pinterest board

Custom Cabinetry

There are more options than you can count in kitchen cabinetry. If you love to cook or bake there are options for you. Find out what is possible before settling on an option. Sometimes you can get things you didn’t know existed.

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A designer can help you discover the opportunities in a space to make it work for you more effectively AND make sure you love it!

How does your family work? How do they relax? How can you share a space?

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There is lighting for aesthetics and lighting that has real practical value. What is your style? Consider lighting styles that  contrast and stand out and they can be like a piece of art in a space.

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Smart Kitchen Technology

Your recipe right there where you can read it, without it getting dirty. Wouldn't that be nice? There are amazing things happening in smart home technology. How about countertops that double as built-in tablets with internet access and touchscreen technology?

The point is…know what you need, know what you love, learn what is possible. Make a plan…get more than you dreamed.

Or simple hideable plugs for kitchen appliances..

Check out more pictures of smart kitchen technology on our Pinterest board

We have been remodeling for over 25 years in the Boston area. Call us or visit our showroom and we can help you get a plan that will result in your dream kitchen!

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